Relationships and Stress Research Lab

If you think you might want to participate in a research study in the Relationships and Stress Research Lab, please call or email Alex Mattern and/or Jen Wong.

They can be reached at:

  1. (814) 863-4728

They will make sure you and your partner are eligible to participate, then they will tell you more about the study procedures, compensation rates, risks and benefits, etc.

You can then decide if you want to participate.


Parents: Considering Participating in a Research Study?

First, thank you! We could not do our work without the generosity of parents who are willing to provide their valuable time, insight, and expertise. We seek to gain a diversity of perspectives on the stressors that occur during family life, and we are indebted to the hundreds of couples who have provided their unique insights.

SUMMER 2019:

We are now recruiting couples with at least one child age 3-5 years. Couples must be low income or receiving TANF, SNAP, or SSI. All procedures are completed with parents (children will not be directly involved in any tasks) via telephone and internet. You do not need to be located near Penn State University to participate. For this study, couples can earn up to $200.00 To learn more, please call or email us!

(814) 863-4728 or CIRCLE@LA.PSU.EDU

Participating in a study in our lab can provide you with an opportunity to consider how current stressors and past stressful experiences impact you and your family relationships. You can also observe psychological science in action, help train Penn State students and future scientists, and contribute to a body of knowledge that is designed to help others strengthen their relationships and build a better future for their children.